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Our new mobile multiplayer game Blastlands is now available in worldwide open beta on Android. Get the game now and join the fight!


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Strange Quest is based in Stockholm, Sweden and offers competitive salaries, great perks, awesome colleagues and a unique chance to work with products on the cutting edge of synchronous mobile multiplayer games.

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Producer/Product Owner
  • 2018-30-07

Wake up, kick ass, repeat!

We need to find a Producer/Product Owner (what you call yourself is less important) that’s completely obsessive about games and that has released a number of successful titles in the past. It’s great if you have experience from agile practices and know how to get the most out of a team but we’re not scared of a little waterfall when needed. Whatever suits the team, situation and product. In addition to this, you also love working with small teams in a fast moving environment where decisions are made every second of the day and where the only thing that matters is getting our products in the hands of our users. We think you:

– Worked on one or more released AAA games or high-end mobile titles
– Are a master planner that have a history of maximising output while minimising bullshit
– Are highly organised, take more responsibility than you are given and love tight deadlines
– Are comfortable with the speed of small, tight-knit teams and working in a very creative environment

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Open Application
  • 2018-03-07

Are you awesome and don’t see anything in the list that suits your talents? No worries, drop us an open application and let’s have a chat!

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The team

Our team is dedicated to creating the most engaging, fun and exciting experiences possible for the next generation of mobile multiplayer gaming audiences. We push the boundaries of game design, tech, mobile hardware and marketing strategies in our quest to develop the next big thing.

Noora Routasuo

Game Developer. Noora is our resident client wizard and when she’s not making game objects explode in giant fireballs she likes to play Prison Architect, Disco Zoo and Jagged Alliance 2.

Andreas Jirenius

CTO. Apart from being our CTO and all-round awesome guy, Andreas is also qualified to save you from a burning building and teach you how to play the guitar. Andreas plays Zelda, Apex Legends and Plague Inc. when he’s not coding.

Mille Trygg-Wiberg

Art Director. With a solid background in both advertising and gaming, Mille is the king of low-poly modelling and the one who decides what our products will look like. When he’s not punishing Maya he plays Destiny 2, Fallout 4, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and currently Sekiro – Shadows die twice.

Adam Schaub

CEO. Adam has spent the past 23 years in the games business and when he’s not working on creating powerpoints and game designs he likes to play Elder Scrolls Blades, Kingdom Come: Deliverance & PUBG (yes, still).

Christofer Waldenström

Head of Data & Analytics. Christofer has been working with data for over 8 years and of those he spent the better part of 5 at King working on their real time game analytics systems. He likes to play Fallout 4, Fortnite and the board game Project Elite.

Oskar Lund

Back-end Developer. Apart from being a mean poker player Oskar has also spent the past 11 years creating robust back-end solutions for chart topping games. When he’s not coding he likes to play Assassins Creed: Odyssey and Zelda.

Jonas Kärn

Game Artist. Jonas has spent the past 16 years in the games, film and advertising industry and he now works his magic on our characters, items, backgrounds and concepts. When he’s not using his Wacom he likes to play Nier Automata, God of War and ICO.

Gareth Young

Marketing & Social. Gareth is a social media wizard, gamer and proud Scotsman (yes, he does occasionally wear a kilt the way it was intended). When he’s not talking about games he plays them and current favourites are PUBG, Call of Duty WW2 and Apex Legends.


We create synchronous action multiplayer games for the masses. Regardless of setting or theme we want you to be able to join a game and have fun instantly with friends and other players from around the world.


Blastlands is a synchronous mobile multiplayer game currently in open beta on Google Play. Jump into the action, defeat your opponents and stay alive so that you can grow in power until you can wipe the battlefield! A realtime action game for girls and boys, young and old. Join the fight!


Press Release – December 4, 2017

Start-up mobile games developer Strange Quest are happy to announce they have successfully closed their seed round.

Strange Quests CEO and co-founder Adam Schaub has extensive experience from BBC, Yahoo!, Stardoll and Bonnier and most recently well-known game developer KING where he held the position as Vice President Creative Production. Strange Quest’s two other co-founders, Andreas Jirenius and Mille Trygg-Wiberg, also most recently from KING, both have solid backgrounds from the games and publishing industry.

Strange Quest aims to innovate and break new ground in the mobile games market. We are convinced that there is an enormous future potential for synchronous multiplayer games on mobile and by creating frictionless products and combining them with innovative marketing strategies we intend to prove that thesis”, said Adam Schaub, CEO and co-founder of Strange Quest.

Strange Quest recently closed its first seed round of $2.2 m with Initial Capital acting as lead investor, Manta Ray as co-lead and Global Founders Capital as a third fund investor. Three Swedish investors also took part in the round.

Alvaro Alvarez del Rio, Partner at Initial Capital, who led the investment round, said: “We believe making native game mechanics and traditionally complex genres accessible to broad audiences is currently one of the main trends in the mobile games sector. Given their phenomenal track record of execution and leadership at KING, the team at Strange Quest are perfectly positioned to leverage that trend and create outstanding multiplayer experiences for the mass market. We look forward to supporting the team as they transform this ambitious vision into a reality”.  

Strange Quest now looks forward to focus fully on their core business – to create fast, explosive and action-packed multiplayer games for the mobile games market. Strange Quest is also actively looking for passionate and experienced game development talent who together with the founding team wants to be a part of re-drawing the map for the mobile games market.

About Strange Quest
Strange Quest develops low complexity, high-intensity competitive multiplayer mobile games for a global audience.

About Initial Capital
Initial Capital is a leading seed venture capital investor with a focus on consumer internet and technology enablers. Based in London and San Francisco and started by the founders of Playfish ($400M exit to Electronic Arts), Initial Capital has previously led seed rounds in companies like Supercell ($5.5bn exit to Softbank), Supersolid, Hutch Games and Armada Interactive and has also invested in Super Evil Megacorp, Space Ape ($90M exit to Supercell) and Resolution Games. Its portfolio includes 20 games companies in Europe and the USA.

Fund Investors
Initial Capital
Manta Ray
Global Founders Capital

For PR enquiries please contact us here.

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    So you found a job that you like? Great! Please give us as much information as you can in your application below and don’t forget to attach your CV.

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